Standing Desk

Discover the fun of standing desk

Studies have shown that sitting and working for long periods of time can have negative effects on our health and working conditions, such as back and neck pain. Maidesite offers ergonomic office furniture with comfort, functionality and modern design.

In comparison - the height-adjustable standing desks

Model T1 Basic T2 Pro T2 Pro Plus
Motor 1 2 2
Lifting columns 2 2 3
Load capacity 60 KG 120 KG 120 KG
Speed 25 mm/s 35 mm/s 40 mm/s
Height range 68.5-117.5 cm 70-120 cm 62-127 cm
Weight 20.7 KG 25 KG 29 KG
Frame width 100-160 cm 100-180 cm 100-180 cm
Desktop size 100-180 cm*50-80 cm 110-200 cm*60-80 cm 110-200 cm*60-80 cm
Color Black , grey , white Black , grey , white Black , grey , white
keyboard Standard Premium Premium
LED Touch Screen Control Panel
Child lock
Anti-collision system
Packing size 108*30.5*18 cm 106.5*28*24 cm 106.5*28*24 cm

Control element

We usually have two main controls, Standard and Premium, plus a special silicone control element.

Silicon Standard Premium
LED Touch Screen
Memory function
Anti-collision system
Child lock
Sit-stand remind 
USB connection
Energy-saving display

① Silicone control element

The silicone hand controller is a basic button and does not have any high functions. It has up and down buttons for height adjustment.
And it has 3 memory spaces to save your set altitude.

② Standard

Standard control element has 4 memory locations, you could hold 4 positions in its internal memory and thus switch between previously determined positions at the touch of a button. The LED display of the control element switches off automatically after a few seconds if it is not used in order to save energy.

③ Premium

Premium control element is not only for work, but also for families. You could also move your desk up and down and save 4 height adjustment presets. It's also an LED display that could currently show your desk height. It could also simply program the time to remind you to alternate between sitting and standing regularly. Premium control element also has a child safety device, which ensures more safety and prevents unintentional use of the touchpad by children or pets.

In comparison 2-part legs, 3-part legs is stable and can be moved quickly

The advantage of the 3-part legs is that they could carry more load and at the same time achieve a higher adjustment speed. If you use particularly heavy equipment or others, the table frame with the 3-part legs is ideal for you. The height adjustment is also more for 3-part legs, up to 127 cm.

① Single engine desk

  • The single-motor desk, that is, has only one motor. A motor could lift both legs. The downside is the limited payload and the adjustment speed is a bit slow. But the price-performance ratio is great if you are an entry-level user.

② Dual-motor desk

  • The desk has two motors, making it a bit more expensive than a single motor desk. The desk could carry more load, at the same time could move higher speed. It's more stable and reliable if you want to give preference to this type of desk.

In conclusion

For desks, there is no such thing as being good or bad. After all, whatever type of desk you have chosen, always remember that what suits you is a perfect desk. We have many different options for finding the perfect desk. Above is this comparison chart for different desks. You could just have a look or contact us. Pick your favorite desk to make your life better.

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