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Maidesite T2 Pro Plus - Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

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Product details

Top-rated height-adjustable desk: stable and durable.

  • Adjustable in height from 62 to 127 cm, perfect for people in height 140 to 190 cm.
  • Our extendable standing desk frame adapts perfectly to table tops from 110 to 200 cm wide and 60 to 90 cm deep.
  • The multifunctional control panel includes sit-stand reminder, 4 programmable height settings, USB charging function and collision protection.
  • Equipped with 2 powerful motors, the desk can effortlessly support up to 160 kg.
  • Optionally choose our FSC-certified table tops with pre-drilled holes in the sizes 120x60 cm, 140x70 cm and 160x80 cm - for a sustainable and individual working environment.
  • Free gifts: 4 castors, 4 cable clips.

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This is what our customers say

Why choose the Maidesite T2 Pro Plus Height Adjustable Desk?

  1. Extremely easy to use: 4 Memory Heights, Sit-stand reminder, a USB charging port, and other useful functions make your work easier and more convenient.
  2. Extremely stable: The desk remains steady even at its highest position.
  3. Exceptionally safe: Collision protection, Child safety lock and Rounded table corners ensure peace of mind and maximum safety.
  4. Excellent performance and sustainability combined: Height adjustable from 62 to 127 cm, load capacity of 160 kg, lifting speed of 40 mm/s and FSC-certified table tops.

Extremely stable height-adjustable desk T2 Pro Plus

  • More Stable Design

    • The triangular support structure is extremely stable compared to other desk designs.
    • It maintains excellent stability even at the highest height.
  • More Stable Column

    • In addition to the structural improvements, the precise processing and design also contribute to the stability.
    • The gap between the columns is less than 0.03mm. The 3-stage columns slide seamlessly into each other, preventing any wobble.
  • Stronger Footer

    • Heavy desk footer with lower center of gravity for increased stability.
    • Each T2 Pro Plus desk foot weighs 2.55 kg, 50% heavier than traditional legs. This makes it more stable than other desk frames.

Easy-to-use desk Maidesite T2 Pro Plus

  • Sit-stand Reminder

    • Sedentary reminder: The interval function reminds you to stand up after 0.5, 1 or 2 hours.
    • Improves your posture and increases productivity.
  • 4 Memory Heights & USB Charging Port

    • Perfect for 2 family members to accommodate their heights or to allow 2 new height settings for more diverse postures.
    • The standard USB charging port reliably powers your digital devices when you needed.

Safe Height-Adjustable Desk

  • Anti-Collision Protection

    The built-in gyroscope-controlled anti-collision rebound protects your device from fall damage.

  • Child Safety Lock

    The child safety lock prevents children or pets from accidentally operating the touch panel and triggering functions.

  • Rounded Desk Corners

    • Rounded tabletop corners reduce the risk of injury from bumps or falls.

Maidesite Desk more Stable and Reliable

  • High-quality material and first-class manufacturing

    • Our desk is made from premium industrial materials from Fortune 500 companies and manufactured in fully automated production processes to ensure the highest quality.
  • Strict 100% inspection before delivery

    • Every desk you receive undergoes a rigorous 100% inspection to ensure it is defect-free.
  • Certifications for Reliability

    • With certifications such as CE, UKCA and FSC, we guarantee that our Maidesite adjustable desks are functional and meet most office desk standards.

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FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

Standing desk T2 Pro Plus Technical

How wide is the frame?

The width of the frame can be adjusted between 100cm and 180cm.

What size tabletop is the frame compatible with?

It is suitable for tabletops measuring 110-200cm x 60-80cm.

What height is this frame suitable for?

It fits people between 1.4 and 1.9 meters tall.

Can I use the frame on an uneven floor?

Absolutely. We've added adjustable feet under the legs of the frame to compensate for minor unevenness in the floor.

What is the difference between the T2 Pro Plus and the T2 Pro?

The T2 Pro is suitable for people between 1.5m and 1.8m tall, while the T2 Pro Plus is suitable for people between 1.4m and 1.9m tall. You can choose according to your needs and preferences.

What is the difference between the T2 Pro Plus and the S2 Pro Plus?

The T2 Pro Plus is a separate frame, while the S2 Pro Plus is a set that includes the T2 Pro Plus and a tabletop.

Standing Desk Assembly

Does the product offer installation service?

We currently do not provide assembly services, but we include assembly instructions and enough screws in the package to make your setup easier!

Troubleshooting for Standing Desks

What should I do if "E01, E09, E12, ASR/RST" is displayed?

Press and hold the down button to lower the desk to its lowest level, then release. Press and hold the down button for 5s until "RST" appears on the control panel. Then press and hold the down button for another 5s until a number appears, indicating the reset is complete. Alternatively, you can contact us by email:

What should I do if "HOT" is displayed?

This indicates that the power supply temperature is too high or the desk has been operated too frequently. Please unplug the power for 20 minutes and then plug it back in. You can also contact us by email:

Shipping, Returns, Warranty and Service

How long will the delivery take?

2-4 working days in UK

What exactly are the shipping costs for my order?

As a further speciality, customers in the UK enjoy free shipping on deliveries. We also extend our delivery services to other European countries. If you ever encounter an issue with shipping, please do not hesitate to reach out to Maidesite's customer service by email:

How long is the warranty valid on Maidesite products?

We offer you the choice of free repairs, refunds, or appropriate replacements for your delivery. Please note that the warranty does not cover the replacement of consequential damages and does not apply to loss, natural wear and tear, or damage resulting from improper use or lack of or improper care. Of course, we will cover the shipping costs in the event of a warranty claim. A major advantage for you is that you do not have to prove whether the defect already existed when the product was handed over. This enables you to make a risk-free purchase!

How can I return a product?

Items must be returned within 30 days of receiving your order. Items must be returned in the original condition in which they were received, unworn/unused, all labels must still be attached and all original packaging must be included.

What should I do if parts of my order are missing?

Firstly, we kindly ask you to check your order for completeness upon receipt. If anything is missing, we sincerely apologize in advance. Please contact us at your earliest convenience so we can promptly resolve the issue. Email:

Payment and Free Shipping Costs

What options do I have to pay for my order?

The following payment options are available at Maidesite:
Credit card (MasterCard and Visa)

Is it safe to order online? What happens to my data?

We understand that ordering online is sometimes a question of trust. However, we would like to emphasize that we handle your personal data with the utmost responsibility and care.

How much will the shipping costs be for my order?

As a further special feature, customers do not pay any additional shipping costs for deliveries in UK. Of course, we also offer deliveries to other European countries. If you have any problems with shipping, simply contact Maidesite customer service. Email:

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Table top size
Table top size
110 - 200 cm × 60-90 cm
110 - 200 cm × 60-90 cm
110 - 200 cm × 60-80 cm
100 - 180 cm × 60-80 cm
120 -250 cm × 80-100 cm
Adjustable height range
Adjustable height range
62 - 127 cm
62 - 127 cm
72 - 120 cm
72 - 120 cm
72 - 120 cm
Lifting speed
Lifting speed
40 mm/s
40 mm/s
35 mm/s
25 mm/s
32 mm/s
Load capacity
Load capacity
160 kg
180 kg
160 kg
90 kg
200 kg
Lifting Noise
Lifting Noise
<45 dB
<45 dB
<50 dB
<50 dB
<50 dB
Unique Features
Unique Features
More Stable & Robust
Oval Leg Flaship
Performance-Price Winner
Ultra Stable
From £289.99 £399.99
From £319.99 £439.99
From £239.99 £319.99
From £179.99 £239.99
£399.99 £599.99

Maidesite T2 Pro Plus - Electric Height Adjustable Standing Desk Frame

From £289.99 £399.99


More Stable & Robust

Table Top Size

110 - 200 cm × 60-90 cm

Column Shape


Lifting Column




Loading Capacity

160 kg


40 mm/s


<45 dB
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